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Kelly's Brookside Bungalow Kitchen Remodel

Heart and Soul


I would call Kelly's kitchen the "heart and soul" of her renovated home.  She got a fabulous entertaining space that set the tone for other remodeling and decorating projects.

Party Ready

Kelly loves to throw parties, have guests over, and entertain.  

Her  kitchen is wide open to the living room.  On the opposite side of the kitchen the light streams beautifully through the double French doors just a few steps from the pool.  

Kelly's kitchen is the center of attention and a very functional space.

Cheer's my Friend

Love your unpretentious spirit and your beautifully remodeled space, Mona. 

Where to Carve Out More Pantry Storage


Planning a dream kitchen and facing reality can be two different things. In a perfect world we could have endless pantry storage at our fingertips, but sometimes fitting a pantry into the kitchen (or elsewhere in the home) takes some compromising — or at least a little creativity.

Lost and Found

Kelly lost the laundry room that was once located between the dining room and kitchen.  She had the walls removed to create an open pass-thru hall between the kitchen and dining room.  She then relocated the laundry room upstairs.  

This turned out to be a Triple WIN.  She has a new pantry, new dry bar and the new location for the laundry room next to the bedrooms upstairs.