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Cooking for Love or Money--Or Both?

Jill is passionate about cooking and loves her newly remodeled kitchen.


Her passion for creating excellent food for family and friends turned into a career as a professional cook, highly regarded business woman, and co-owner of Ventana Gourmet Grill. 


John and Jill's remodel includes: custom cabinets, beautiful Cambria quartz counter tops (Summerhill) for the island, Q Quartz (Fossil Gray) for the perimeter counter tops and bar top, new tile backsplash application, engineered wood floors, appliances, plumbing fixtures, apron sink, and extended windows so they can enjoy the view of their property.

Ugh! Living without a kitchen is a bit like being on SURVIVOR.


Tearing out the heart of your home requires a plan of how to survive the weeks to months of construction ahead.


 It doesn't take long to collect a lot of small appliance, must have gadgets that we might use once before it's lost at the back of the cabinet never to be found again. We have SO much stuff in the kitchen. The challenge is deciding what should be purged or packed, labeled, and relocated for use during renovation.



Renovation is messy, it is disruptive, and it can be expensive. Eating out, microwave dinners, stocking up on paper goods like paper plates, towels, plastic utensils...and you have NO kitchen sink---Ugh! Gets frustrating washings dishes out of a bathroom sink. However, it helps if you own a Fabulous Restaurant in a historical building located in Excelsior Springs, MO.


Delicious food, great service, and awesome atmosphere!